• Initial impetus for the generative drawing was an interest in designing furniture in an apartment unit in ‘The Pavilion’, one of the residential towers designed by Mies van der Rohe in Lafayette Park, Detroit. While taking advantage of currently residing in the apartment, three pieces of furniture: desk, light fixture, book case were intended to be designed through a set of drawing process with careful study of details and materials of the existing building.


    A series of hand drawing techniques: superimposition, orthographic projection, collage, became primary methods of making the drawing in order to document relevant detail elements in different scales and perspectives, and further to look for latent potential relationship between the documented geometrical information. The drawing process attempted to broaden the range of relational thinking that resulted in appropriate design decisions.


    Furthermore, this drawing was also used as a vehicle to achieve simplicity in construction details and material choices which resonate through aesthetics of furniture in line with Mies’ minimal design of the space, and the drawing finally evolved into a composite architectural drawing served as a guide to construction of furniture, negating the distinction between different types of architectural drawings.


    Location: Detroit, Michigan

    Year: 2016-2017

    Type: Furniture

    Materials: Aluminum Channel and Angle, Threaded Rod, Acrylic Panel, Glass, LED Tape Light