• With the intention of design-build a standing desk, the drawing starts with a found image of construction process of the existing apartment building. As the image shows the building’s concrete frame structure with building envelop under construction, it triggers an idea that appropriately scaled concrete frame structure can form a desk. The desk is to have single materiality as concrete structure, yet is made of wood in order to be assembled/disassemble and to give warmth to the space. By taking one story of the scaled concrete frame structure, the desk has double decks: the upper deck is working surface and the lower deck provides open storage space.


    Started as a generative drawing for visualizing and testing ideas, the drawing has developed throughout the design process which includes deciding overall form, determining final dimensions and figuring out details. And it also acts as a technical drawing for fabrication.


    Location: Detroit, Michigan

    Year: 2018

    Type: Furniture

    Materials: Maple Panels, Maple Legs, Steel Rods

    Construction Image Source: http://miesdetroit365.tumblr.com/post/21646286062