• The house was designed for client’s parents and his family’s weekend visit in a small rural town in Korea. While designing floor plan with required space and rooms, oblique geometry of the site was borrowed to shape the form of the house. A layered drawing with series of orthographic and axonometric projections of design elements was developed as an archive of formal ideas and geometric information, and further utilized as a decision making tool throughout the design process.


    By acknowledging client’s plan for potential second floor addition, a skylight in the heart of the house was proposed not only to bring daylight into living room and kitchen but also to provide a slab opening for a stair for the future addition. The skylight also functions as a table for gathering on the roof where the family and guests can enjoy scenery mountains view.


    Location: Yoncheon, Gyeonggi, Korea

    Year: 2013-2014

    Type: Single Family House

    Bldg Area: 203㎡ / 2,185ft²

    Structure: Reinforced Concrete

    Materials: Concrete, Brick, Cement Brick, Wood, Steel

    Project Team: Moo Joo Lee, Du Seok Jang