• The primary goal of the project was to create a comfortable rest space along with a small yet functional meeting room by demolishing an existing wall and a work station. To integrate brand identity into the relatively small space, the new wall between rest space and meeting room became a main design component on which a series of CNC-cut vertical wood slats forms the concave shape of 'kisses'.


    This concave space also functions as television stand while rest of the wall area with full depth becomes space for adjustable shelves. Birch plywood was selected as the main material in order to bring light color with attractive side profile. Also, design details for transitions from ceiling, through wall, to floor were intended to create a cohesive look: the gaps between the vertical wall members become the width of the horizontal ceiling members, and the wood floor seams are aligned with the vertical wall members.


    Location: Seoul, Korea

    Year: 2012

    Type: Interior Renovation

    Area: 40㎡ / 430ft²

    Materials: Birch Plywood, Aluminum, Tempered Glass, Translucent Film

    Project Team: AGI society, Seojin