• This studio project focused on creating unconventional space with analogic method. A Transformer became an analogic ‘engine’ for initiating a project relating to the chosen subject: “Architecture that makes, erases and remakes parts of itself while morphing the remade parts and taking the program along for a ride”

    To develop the analogical groundwork, two sequences of transforming images of a transformer robot were used to initiate a drawing that generates potential spatial qualities. Through various materials and styles of illustration, the drawing also suggested a possible site for the project, an edge condition of a bay. As Chesapeake Bay was chosen as the site for work,the context of the site provided the ideas for programs that the spatial qualities of drawing could engage. The interesting conditions of Chesapeake Bay, the fishing and leisure activities, also suggested a fish market and a hotel. The floating structure of the fish market was designed to be continuously morphing in its form according to the market system. It has designated sections for the different fish caught in the bay, which come from the shifting containers (fishing boats) that change with the location of specific fish in the bay. Also, the top surface of the hotel is submerged by the rising tide of the bay, creating shell bed for customers can enjoy. The surface of the structure keeps morphing its shape the shells are cultivated by the tide of bay and consumed by the customers simultaneously.