• While searching for a better way to organize inner wear in closet shelves, empty water bottles suggested a design solution. The idea was to utilize the water bottles as containers for inner wear items. With simple fabrication plan, bottle caps were attached to a wood board with machine screws, as the bottom-cut bottles became the containers simply sealed back with caps to the board.


    The 20 bottles that fit in existing closet shelving space sets the limit to the number of items. This brings a great pleasure of not only being able to see all of items at a glance, but also staying motivated to possess the minimum number of items. The number is relative but the impact this simple project makes to lifestyle is quite strong. A part of living space becomes simple and minimal with this object, and it resonates through entire living space, and even fundamental mindset. This is an example of how design can shape our way of living and further manifest a desired lifestyle.


    Year: 2017

    Type: Object

    Materials: MDF Board, Plastic Water Bottles, Machine Screws and Nuts